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Are you looking for PHP training? Well, why not you must go for it but before that you should have prior information about PHP that is what it is. Why is it used so widely? Why is it easy to learn and use? How can you master PHP? Also, we have suggested the best PHP institute in Noida.

Well, all these queries are normal to arise in anyone’s mind but here are the solutions to all your doubts. Also, you will get to know about the PHP training in Noida, and about the PHP course in Noida. Here are some points which have been discussed throughout the article.

  • What is PHP?
  • Why is PHP so used widely?
  • Who uses PHP?
  • Advantages of PHP
  • Disadvantages of PHP
  • Where can I get the best guidance on PHP?

What is PHP?

Earlier it was known as ‘Personal Home Page’ but later it changed and is now referred to as Hypertext Preprocessor. The founder of PHP is “Rasmus Lerdorf” and it became operational in 1994 but came into the market after a year. If we describe PHP then it is just an object-oriented scripting language which is quite easy to learn even a beginner or kid who just wants to get into the language can learn it. 

It is actually an open source which is used for web development in creating dynamic pages and applications. It works for server-side development and is even faster than other scripting languages like JSP and ASP.

Why is PHP so used widely?

  • Easy to learn and use–  one of the popular reasons behind using PHP widely is its ease. It comes with a very simple language even a kid can code; it does not require any prior knowledge of the language. Its syntax is simple and command functions are easy to learn. Anyone can learn and use it even without having extensive knowledge or experience in web development.
  • Open source– one of the main reasons why PHP is used widely is its installation process. It gets installed quite easily and at zero cost. This feature is appealing to companies as it helps to control the costs of web development.
  • Versatile– If we are talking about flexibility how can you forget about PHP as it is the best in it? That’s why versatility is the main key feature of PHP as it is platform independent which means it can run on macOS, Windows, and Linux and support most web browsers.
  • Fast and secure– around the world, any organisation wants two things in their websites or applications to be very fast and must be secure. PHP now deals with both. for the speed, it has its own memory and modifies with its newest versions. And in security, it has community support and many tools which help fix vulnerabilities and protect against cyber attacks.
  • Well connected with databases- it is easy to connect securely with almost any kind of database. PHP gives developers freedom when it comes to choosing a database which one is best suited for the application and websites to be built.

Who uses PHP?

Most of the Top websites use PHP scripts for their server-level programming.


One of the famous social media web applications Facebook was developed using PHP. PHP has helped facebook in creating dynamic content in seconds since 2004. In fact, the entire Facebook application code was written in PHP by Mark Zuckerberg and Moskowitz. 

Facebook also introduced a transpiler or a kind of compiler which translates source code into source code of other languages which is HIP-HOP for PHP. 


As we know that Wikipedia is a hub of information and it is one of the top information websites which runs on PHP as a programming language along with MySQL as its database backend.


As we all know that Tumblr is a birthplace of memes and now it deals with short forms of blogs with over 555 million monthly visited users. To make it fast and to share content in seconds PHP is used as a backend.


As a database backend, one of the primary leaders of the email marketing industry used PHP. it allows companies to mail millions of emails to millions of users at a time.


One of the most famous CMSs (Content Management Systems) uses PHP as its database to fetch data.

Advantages of PHP

High security– PHP offers you multiple levels of security among all the different scripting languages. It is secure and protects you from hacking attempts, malware, etc.

Better control quality– it is quite helpful for the developers as if there is any kind of change in coding then you don’t need to access long codes or scripts in PHP, it has higher control on web solutions.

Reports error– PHP can show you real-time error warnings, like E_WARNING, E_PARSE, and E_STRICT. It is only because predefined constants are available.

Syntax familiarity– its syntax is very easy to understand and it fulfils all different web development needs.

High-quality performance– PHP uses personal memory so it operates faster than any other scripting languages like ASP and JSP. Therefore, it takes less time to load hence its performance increases.

Disadvantages of PHP

Well, it is not comfortable for large content-based web applications. Since it already emulates the characters of the java language it is very tough to handle for not being competent modular.

Where can I get the best guidance on PHP?

As we already read about the importance of PHP and its uses and how big companies are using it for their purposes. Now where can you get the proper guidance on PHP? APTRON provides you with the best guidance and it is the best PHP training institute in Noida. From there you also get 100% placement in the top companies of India and MNCs as well. Tutors are one of the best around India who help you to fulfil your dreams and to do great in your future.


In script language PHP plays a very important role in building web applications. Here in the above article, we have mentioned some of the important features of PHP that are why it is so important and useful. Also, we have shared why it is so wide, and the merit and demerits of PHP. If you also want to do PHP training then the best PHP training institute in Noida is APTRON. Here you get a solution to all doubts regarding PHP and also guarantee your placement in top companies in India.

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